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Emperor Mong wrote:
My dealer just offered me about 5% less than WeBuyAnyCar versus a £115k new car. Shocking.

This is how I ended up buy my RR! The guy who owned it prior to me had bought from new and was negotiating buying a brand new RR (MY19) but the dealer was offering him such a low trade-in that he sold it off privately and got a much better deal.
Needless to say I am happy, as I got my first steps on RR ownership, and got a good deal too - I paid about 3k below current market price (judging by similar specs on Autotrader), the seller still got about 5K more than dealer trade-in offer - everyone was happy.

And (in order to bring it back on topic) - I put in 5k cash and got bank finance for the rest - to me it worked out better in terms of %APR and repayments compared to other finance deals around (my bank we practically giving the money away), and I can pay it off early with no penalties. Obviously this was not a brand new car, so I am aware that there are better deals can be done on new cars. Current
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Post #509058 18th Mar 2019 12:06pm
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I bought a 2013 FF autobiography in December and have just sold my L322 Vogue TD6 (2010 face lifted) 50,000 mile paid £20,000 private sold for £7000 private and was owned 9 years giving me a loss of £1,444 a year not bad.

I decided to buy my 2013 (Very low mileage) from a RR dealer with approved used (for what it's worth) for £44,000 cash and i expect to own it at least 5 years and sell it with about 55-60000 miles.

So based on peoples assumptions that £11,000 loss is good after 4 years the car is free (Technically)

Now i could afford a new one however why would i bother?
Will my neighbours in residents parking hit it less often? NO!
Will 99% of people be able to tell the difference as i have a private plate and unless you have and 2013 and an 2019 next to each other for 99% of people its subtle so NO!
Will it break down more often? Possibly not!
Does a 2019 have more toys than a 2013? Whilst some not as good, I've every option except auto park, HUD, and tow bar so Glass roof, deployable side steps, Adaptive Cruise with queue assist, adaptive lighting, ambient lighting, winged head rests, garage door opener, cabin heater, massage seats, electric tailgate, 5 camera's, rear TV's, Dual view, piano black trim, Ebony leather, suede roof lining, cross traffic assist, rear traffic detection, 22" turbines, boot storage system, full size spare, fridge, bla bla bla bla bla and many more. So i'm more than happy and the toys would put it "new" out of the range of most.
Is it any safer? No!
Is it any better off road? No!
Do i own it? YES
If i lost my job would i need to hand it back. No!
Will my road tax be higher each month? Yes
Will i have to pay an extra £12.50 to drive into central London each day from today onwards due to the ULEZ? Yes but i drive in less than once a year.

I'm confident the resale values of L405 will be higher than L322 due to the technology and higher original price. A decent L322 low mileage is £20-25000 so lets say i keep mine for 5 years i'm sure we can agree it would easily sell private with low miles and the great spec for £20000??? and that's the lower end.

Well then I've lost £24000 in 5 years

So ownership will of cost me £4800 a year or £400 a month possible slightly more than a rather poor spec'd lease car when you consider the initial rental people pay and i'm driving a full fat.

I was always told if you can't buy something then don't own it and an fool and their money are easily parted, so why the hell would i buy a new one? I've just priced a new one up with my spec and it was £121,297.00 Thanks god i was sat down. If i won the lottery i don't think i'd buy a new one, absolutely no point.

I know the question was cash or finance, but consider getting slightly older and then cash and ride out the loss.

Just my 2 pence

Plus i need to get my posts up so i can post a wanted add for a deployable tow bar, the one i had lined up fell through.

Post #511348 8th Apr 2019 3:22pm
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Wise Man !

Post #511378 8th Apr 2019 8:31pm
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England 2013 Range Rover Autobiography SDV8 Luxor

Pay cash get a car about 3-4 years old and then you soon forget about the cash and just enjoy it. I never work out deprec, MPG, Insurance or VED the car is just worth what its worth when you come to sell/get another.l Geoff

Post #511380 8th Apr 2019 8:43pm
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