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Tonto L322

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England 2002 Range Rover Vogue 4.4 V8 Zambezi Silver
Newbie to Lpg

Hi guys have just come over to the dark side from Landyzone as have swapped my old P38 for. 2002 vogue with the M62 4.4. It’s got 118k on it fitted with prims kit in Holland. It was serviced this week just 2 new filters and certificated for the insurance company. It’s now running like a dream and at 61p a litre at present I’m a very happy RR owner. I’m just about to service the car and after reading on here I’ve bought a set of brisk plugs gapped at 1.5. Question is on the box it says the system has to be tuned. Is this correct or can I just put them in and carry on living the dream so to speak. To many it’s a silly question sure n but never having used lpg just want to make sure I’m not going to go from a perfectly good running motor to a pig that’s missing or backfiring.

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United Kingdom 2013 Range Rover Vogue SDV8 Santorini Black

Just service it normally with normal plugs etc.

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