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Vredestein Quatrac Pro - Review


Some personal feedback/comments on 21 inch tyres if anyone is interested and looking for new boots. I was looking for something to replace my Perilli Verde’s, requirements were… restore the ride quality of our car, decent grip in the wet and dry with some respectable off road traction but nothing too aggressive as this is saved for our Discovery 4 on General Grabber AT tyres.

This is after 5 months use…
Purchased and fitted set of Vredestein Quatrac Pro for my Range Rover on 21inch wheels. So far I have been very impressed with them, the first thing I noticed and the whole family noticed was how quiet the tyres were, both at motorway speeds and town/cobble street driving. Feedback was good as was wet and dry grip, I would say I am an average driver but not pushing the car to the limits. I was highly impressed with their snow/ice grip - it was far better than the factory fit tyres - they are not all terrain tyres so don't bite/eat their way through deep drifts but for snow up to 6 inches and compacted snow these were great.
We also use our RR off road, on wet fields and mildly muddy tracks they were fine - I don't think they would be super tough compared with an all terrain tyre so watch out for your side walls etc.

Finally wear, its hard to say what life we'll get out of these, the rubber does seem slightly softer and the tread depths aren’t like anything on an AT tyres – I’ll give some feedback in a year or so’s time.

Happy to answer any questions otherwise I hope this helps.

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