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Australia 2003 Range Rover HSE Td6 Epsom Green
Dilemma should I upgrade

One of the guys on AULRO is selling his 08 tdv8 3.6.
I currently have an 03 td6 and do most of the maintenance myself.
He has replaced alot of the stuff that normally goes pear shaped(mileage is 295000k,s) so maintenance
should only be the normal bits and bobs.
Its at a really affordable price for the car.
Should I go for it or keep my older td6.
This is what he put in the advert:
Hi after 7 years of ownership i am selling my Range Rover Vogue. The lease is ending and I'm trading up.

This car is in very good condition, and drives great. I have a service history showing oil changes every 10000km since new.

However, my last service at MR Automotive identified a small oil leak and coolant leak in the V of the engine (report available to view). They estimated the cost to repair this is about $4k, which is mostly labour. Until that time I was unaware there was either a coolant or oil leak and I regularly check both. This car is selling cheap to take that fact into account. There are plenty of online tutorials and I have a PDF workshop manual to show how to repair this. So this car would suit someone handy who is interested in doing the repair. I have no where near enough time to do this. Also recently the audio head unit stopped working. So is an opportune time to modernise that.

Below is a list of positives/things I have done over the last 7 years that won't need to be done for a while:
full service recently done with MR Automotive Redcliffe, which cost about $2700 so quite comprehensive including brakes;
Alive remap to disable EGRs and plates fitted. About 5 years ago I fitted EGR emulators, so the EGRs have been disabled for a while which means the engine breaths better;
top radiator hose replaced (I have a set of hoses that will go with the car);
AC compressor and transmission oil cooler replaced about 5000km ago, transmission flushed at that time;
water pump, pulleys, tensioners replaced 5000km ago as precautionary maintenance;
AGM battery fitted in about 2019;
professional respray of roof, bonnet and trims in 2018 (clear was pealing);
Front EAS struts in 2017 as precautionary measure;
Alternator in 2016;
replaced transmission and transfer case in 2016 (about 55k km ago).

Accessories fitted include:
Llams EAS controller (fitted recently);
Traxide dual battery system with AGM battery;
Rola roof rails;
LED interior lights;
Redarc tow pro;
spare tyre lifting straps;
roller style cargo barrier.

The car will come with the consumables for at least 2 services (oil, fuel, air, pollen filters and oil) and quite a few parts.

The car is registered but because of the above leaks only will not come with a roadworthy. The car is located in Wynnum Brisbane.

I have a full set of Compomotive wheels with new Faulken 265/60 AT tyres. I am selling these separately. The car will come with original Vogue wheels and HT tyres.

The car is available for a limited time at this price, as have it booked in for repair next Friday. After repair will re-advertise at a higher price.

For what its worth, I've included a link to Redbook below:

Post #606386 13th Sep 2021 10:09pm
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United Kingdom 2012 Range Rover Westminster TDV8 Orkney Grey

Simple answer............only you will know!
You'll either have a gut feeling of 'yes' or 'nah, not for me'.
I don't think anyone can tell you when to change, if you're happy with the TD6 keep her, if you fancy a change, then change her. By all accounts, the TDV8 is streets ahead of the TD6 in every department so it's an obvious upgrade....if you fancy it.

Bit of a waffle, sorry, but hope it helps. 2012 Orkney Grey Westminster 4.4TDV8 with Ivory interior.........nice!
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Post #606395 14th Sep 2021 7:56am
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Member Since: 02 Apr 2013
Location: Ulverstone,Tassie
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Australia 2003 Range Rover HSE Td6 Epsom Green

Its either upgrade,get new car(skoda kodiak2022) or keep the td6.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh decisions.

Post #606428 14th Sep 2021 9:48pm
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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Vogue SE TDV8 Buckingham Blue

The only weak point in a TD6 is the gearbox.

As the L322 evolved it also got more complicated…. I went from TD6 to 4.4 TDV8, and it’s about the longest I’ve kept any car.

You will always get peace of mind with a new car…. But then keeping the TD6 is bound to be cheaper than buying new?

Can you not manage to hang on to it for a month or so if you get something else? That way you still have it to go back to until you are sure you have made the right decision.

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