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France 2011 Range Rover Vogue SE 4.4 V8 Santorini Black

j9ffy wrote:
DrRob wrote:
Use site sponsor Advanced Factors instead. Way better customer service and astonishingly quick delivery.
Discount code AF4LRP Bow down

AF are circa 36% more expensive than Island 4x4 for the components I need, and that is with the over £600 10% discount applied. Without the discount they are circa 50% higher.

Still that's nothing compared with the local cost of the same components directly from Allmakes.... an eyewatering c. 1462 eur TTC (1243 gbp at 0.85 eurgbp)!!!

LR032567 (bwi)
LR032560 (bwi)

£529.32 ex vat at AF, £476.39 ex vat with 10% discount applied.
£349.99 ex vat Island4x4
eur 1218.70 HT allmakes france

And those are prices per side.

How these huge pricing discrepancies is explained is beyond me (I assume the parts are all coming from Britpart/Allmakes (Britpart acquired Allmakes in 2019)), but I do know where to save myself hundreds of pounds during a financial crisis.

nb fwiw the best prices I could find in Europe were from Germany at c 600eur a side and 40eur delivery... still not as good at best UK prices, unless I get royally kippered by delivery/douane charges.

By way of an update, Island4x4 processed my order extremely efficiently. They used FedEX who were equally efficient - and delivery was £25 for 36kg. I paid 20% French tva (duty rated (essentially) 0 on these parts, I guess), plus a reasonable 20 eur handling charge for FedEX. So, in summary, I saved hundreds of pounds versus European retail prices and had the parts in under a week. All fitted in about three hours, including calibration (as an aside, thank you Gap IIDTool - some of the best money I ever spent). The bwi springs I removed were 2011 date stamp, so I suspect had c. 140k miles on them - glad I replaced both sides. Ride is perfect. Easy job, aside new lower bolts needed a bit of persuasion. The abs clips can be removed, with care and luck, and reused. New gaskets and hub-to-spring bolts/nuts pretty much essential. I reused the stabiliser bar link nuts.

I suspect the FedEX handling charge would be same for a lower value parcel, so is likely proportionately more palatable the higher the value of the consignment - ymmv!

Post #638304 31st Jul 2022 12:01am
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United Kingdom 2012 Range Rover Vogue 4.4 V8 Orkney Grey

Island are consistently the cheapest for parts and I do a price check with other suppliers inc AF. Never had a problem but also never had to send something back. That might all change when I test my PAM ecu as this ws bought new from them < 6 month ago and looks like it has failed..... 2012 TDV8 Vogue (L322)

Post #640468 22nd Aug 2022 9:37am
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