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England 2011 Range Rover Vogue 4.4 V8 Santorini Black
BMW 2.5 DSE Engine

am looking at a Range Rover 2002 car with a BMW diesel 2.5 DSE engine, is this an engine to avoid, or is it one of the better diesel engines from BMW at the time

I test drove it today and it seems to run pretty well, but I am new to this engine - it has a small oil leak but other than that seems OK

found in a lot of cars, but when using google - all I see are problems, but then when everything is great you don't generally post on forums to say how good your engine is - sigh !

1995 - 2001 Land Rover Range Rover 2.5 D/DSE
1995 - 2001 Opel Omega

BMW cars that had this engine are below - anyone has opinion - good or bad please

1991 - 1996 E36 325td (M51D25 UL)
1996 - 1998 E36 325td (M51D25TÜ UL)
1993 - 1996 E36 325tds (M51D25 OL)
1996 - 1998 E36 325tds (M51D25TÜ OL)

1992 - 1996 E34 525td (M51D25 UL)
1991 - 1996 E34 525tds (M51D25 OL)
1996 - 2000 E39 525tds (M51D25TÜ OL)
1996 - 2000 E39 525td (M51D25TÜ UL)

1996 - 2000 E38 725tds (M51D25TÜ OL)

Post #647975 12th Nov 2022 9:35pm
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2007 Range Rover Vogue SE 4.2 SC V8 Stornoway Grey

I owned a 325tdse at one time it was remapped and went well indeed, timing chain jumped a tooth at about 120000 miles, took a lot of investigation to get to the issue, one of the rear cylinder valves was touching the piston at top of the stroke.
Cost a few bob to sort out...

Car had full service history....

Other than that no issues, I'd want it remapped tbh a rr is a chunky thing to get moving compared to an old 3 series....

Post #647976 12th Nov 2022 9:56pm
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United Kingdom 2007 Range Rover Vogue TDV8 Tonga Green

There is an issue with hot start, but there are plenty of fixes and gizmos to get round it. Seen some very high mileage examples, heard the ODD bad thing but probably more down to lack of care and attention and lack of servicing than anything major. That said, I have not owned the diesel version. All the best with your purchase. 2003 VW Golf V6 4motion
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Post #648099 14th Nov 2022 10:16pm
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United Kingdom 

I’d echo the suggestion to get some performance upgrade, in standard form it is painfully slow pulling away. Once up to speed it is fine. It’s a decent engine let down by ropey electronics, at least that was my experience.

Post #648167 15th Nov 2022 6:46pm
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Spain 2012 Range Rover Westminster TDV8 Baltic Blue

We have a ‘97 2.5 DSE, had for ~6 years and now with 250,000 kms.

The M51 is a tractor when cold, but once warmed up it’s a very sweet running engine, smooth with a nice note.

Yes, it’s slow - but once on the go it’s fine. Tows well.

Biggest gripe I’ve had (and still do) are all the oil leaks. Everything that could have leaked has. Especially the oil sump pan and the oil filter housing gaskets.

It’s an easy engine to work on, access is very good.

I did fit one of those tuning boxes (Ron box or something?) a few years ago which does make a massive difference but I’ve since turned it off. The newly found eagerness just didn’t suit its character.

I would have one again. 2012 4.4 TDV8 Westminster - Baltic Blue, Jet interior, 20" Shadow Autobiography alloys.
1997 P38 2.5 DSE auto - LHD - ex -workhorse, now being restored.
1988 Vogue 3.5 EFI - Manual, gone.
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Post #648213 16th Nov 2022 7:03am
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United Kingdom 2007 Range Rover Vogue TDV8 Java Black

We had a 2.5DHSE a few years ago, I have to say completely reliable engine, a re-map doesn't go amiss, Pete Bell re-mapped ours and the difference was very apparent.

Just as an after thought, check the water pump as it has a plastic impeller. if it is above 10 years old, that is one item I would inspect/replace.

Ours let go on an autostrada in Italy towing the caravan (4 visits with the caravan to Italy over the years), Caused the plastic header on top of the radiator to split.

A quick rescue with ADAC to a Land Rover dealership in Alessandria, and around 500 euro's for a radiator, water pump, thermostat and antifreeze, saw me repair it after a good half days work and we were on our way again.
Steve. 1968 Series IIA Pastel Green, nearly there project

Post #648923 23rd Nov 2022 3:04am
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