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Dark blue is not a great look on a Range Rover. Green is fab, but an expensive option. Byron blue is lovely. Cool

Personally, I dig Silicon silver which is why I bought it. I considered green but £4500 did not feel good value because it looks very dark on cloudy days (more so than Aintree did). Rossello red also nice, and free, but too dark for me.

Navy paint...NO. Exclamation

What I will reiterate is that by having colourised leather, you really get a sense of luxury, something that differentiates. It just adds to the feel-good factor irrespective of other people liking it. Who cares what they think? I don’t!

Tan in a Discovery Sport, for example, is trying too hard. But Tan in a fatty says “you know and I know you want to touch it, to smell it, to have it... well you can’t! Your UberX is on the other side of the road. Have a nice grey life” Rolling with laughter L405 P400e Autobiography (MY2020)... Silicon Silver / Espresso

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Andy S

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United Kingdom 2015 Range Rover Vogue SE SDV8 Aintree Green

My FFRRs and the RRSs before them were all dark metallics (in order, Buckingham Blue, Bourneville, Buckingham Blue and Aintree Green) with light coloured leather interiors, because I think that’s how a Range Rover should be. I cannot abide black interiors, and piano black trim just looks like plastic (well it is isn’t it?) and as for black head linings jeez, it’s like being in a coal cellar.

For me any luxury car has to have plush light coloured leather upholstery. It just feels more special.

Between my two FFRRs I had an F Pace, which I ordered from new, specifying BRG and ‘latte’ Windsor leather. The salesman tried to suggest it was a ‘wrong’ colour combo but I pointed out it was my money. At handover, done with much ceremony in the showroom, I pulled the cover off the car and heard another punter say to the salesman he was talking to ‘that’s stunning, I want that colour combo, not the black interior’. Made me smile!

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