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AndyRoo wrote:
Hi, of course it's a con, the whole premise is based on a lie, the worst areas in London are, surprise Surprise, railway stations, trains running their massive engines all hours of the day and night, Electic trains are few and far bewteen.

I think that you will find that most of the trains running into Central London are electrically powered (from overhead or third rail). The few diesels are almost certainly the railed equivelent of euro 6.
Their engines are usually left running to keep air con/heating & lighting operating.

Post #684860 6th Feb 2024 11:00am
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JayGee wrote:
and the whole anti net-zero thing is a scam. Denying man made climate change is now not a credible position so now the fossil fuel interests are promoting the unaffodability of doing anything about it.

Preach, some truth being spoken on a FFRR forum. Much as I love a V8 diesel we are at the end times for machines like this, and for good reason. I am 100% in support of ULEZ, we shouldn't have 3 ton diesel 4x4s in cities at all. Also it has made FFs cheap enough for others to take them out of London. 2011 4.4 TDV8 Vogue

Post #685520 13th Feb 2024 10:26am
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