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05 - removing the engine covers – 564 viewsStarting here you have to remove the front cover and the top right cover
06 - removing the engine covers – 538 viewsFront cover removed three allen keys bolts. It is easier to pull out aand lift to one side the air intake for the bolt on the left hand side.
07 - Can now start removing the anclillaries, etc – 694 viewsTop right cover removed
08 - remove Intercooler hose from EGR Valve – 767 viewsUndo the two jubilee clips for the air intake from the intercooler to the EGR valve.
09 - Bottom clip from intercooler-EGR valve hose – 780 viewsand the bottom one. Use a big flat bladed screwdriver if clips are pointing in the right direction, or a 7mm socket will better do the job. Pull off the hose. You may find a bit of grease and grime in the hose and inside the EGR valve. You can remove valve if you want to to clean it out. I had recently done mine so not needed.
10 - EGR/Intercooler hose removed – 809 viewsHose removed
11 - Remove undertray – 759 views16 screw bolts hold the engine under tray in place
48 - Refit undertray – 716 views
12 - remove undertray – 747 viewsRemove the towing eye cover to reveal the last two bolts
13 - Engine Undertray removed – 716 viewsEngine undertray removed - needs a clean!
14 - Disconnect Fan Cowl (Bottom) – 815 viewsUnclip the cooling hose from the fan cowl (Remember to clip it back on when refitting everything otherwise it will chafe against one of the pulleys
15 - Disconnect Fan Cowl (Bottom and Top) – 792 viewsThe plastic rivet holding the fan cowl on at the bottom. There are two more plastic rivets on top, remove these.
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