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 Had it been a FFRR it wouldn’t have rolled.....

Post17th Jan 2019 9:33pm
Forum: Photos, Videos & Media · Replies: 9 · Views: 178 · Subject: Had it been a FFRR it wouldn’t have rolled.....
Who is Phil?

That Greek bloke isn’t it ?

T boned by a Kia, must of been shifting to of turned the car over...
 Gesture TailGate Sensor

Post17th Jan 2019 6:23pm
Forum: Technical (L405) · Replies: 13 · Views: 284 · Subject: Gesture TailGate Sensor
I had to have mine replaced / made to work one side immediately after I bought it...

Hasn’t failed since

Yours should still be under warranty

Just make sure there isn’t mud or simila ...
 Corner covers. Ideas?

Post17th Jan 2019 6:17pm
Forum: Maintenance & Mods (L405) · Replies: 0 · Views: 55 · Subject: Corner covers. Ideas?

Others as well as myself have mentioned the very sharp corners on the boot lid - my height exactly !

Likewise the corner of the doors, last week a friend drawing blood and a huge black e ...
 Engine choice

Post12th Jan 2019 6:12pm
Forum: Orders (L405) · Replies: 28 · Views: 1062 · Subject: Engine choice
Nubbin said it all - I’m an sdv8 man. If I were a buyer this year I would buy sdv8 diesel again.

I enjoyed the term “liometer” from Red M , last year I spent the first two weeks of ownership ...
 Would you pay sticker price from main dealer???

Post11th Jan 2019 1:20pm
Forum: General (L405) · Replies: 45 · Views: 1993 · Subject: Would you pay sticker price from main dealer???
I'm amazed by how awful the dealers are. They don't return calls. they don't know the cars. They don't understand their customers.

I have never been sold a car, I have had to make the moves and ...
 The New SHINEY thread....

Post11th Jan 2019 1:08pm
Forum: My Range Rover · Replies: 187 · Views: 42045 · Subject: The New SHINEY thread.... Big Cry

Have done that twice on previous cars... sticky out something in the wrong place..
 Speed camera detectors

Post11th Jan 2019 12:57pm
Forum: Off Topic · Replies: 26 · Views: 613 · Subject: Speed camera detectors

That’s one thing the French get right.... not taking it anymore & protest!!! Now where is my yellow T shirt?

I don’t believe the 72mp ...
 New windows - Accoya vs Sapele ?

Post11th Jan 2019 12:50pm
Forum: Off Topic · Replies: 13 · Views: 312 · Subject: New windows - Accoya vs Sapele ?
I was going to suggest oak but then looked this up..

Looks like good stuff...

I don’t like repainting things so ...
 greenfly, aa, rac, other?

Post7th Jan 2019 2:53pm
Forum: Finance, Insurance & Warranties · Replies: 11 · Views: 340 · Subject: greenfly, aa, rac, other?
Green flag is 88.00 including europlus cover, but the car is still under warranty and it’s only a back up..

Guess the price might rise once it’s three years old.

 Sv autobiography dynamic showroom car

Post7th Jan 2019 2:48pm
Forum: Orders (L405) · Replies: 19 · Views: 915 · Subject: Sv autobiography dynamic showroom car
Could it be a 9 month waiting list as they have layed off a few thousand men, so don’t have enough staff to build the car?

Maybe they just build them in batches.....

 Nottingham. Very cheap auction. Boys stuff

Post2nd Jan 2019 5:27pm
Forum: eBay & Bargain Spots · Replies: 0 · Views: 275 · Subject: Nottingham. Very cheap auction. Boys stuff
Maybe something useful for someone who lives close by...

 Infrastructure costs

Post1st Jan 2019 4:42pm
Forum: Off Topic · Replies: 3 · Views: 197 · Subject: Infrastructure costs
Maybe Alister , but you would hope our guys would use the best option. The lower thames is not as deep as their main sea area... they are dredging a ditch... so could we....
just makes me wonder i ...
 Infrastructure costs

Post1st Jan 2019 3:55pm
Forum: Off Topic · Replies: 3 · Views: 197 · Subject: Infrastructure costs
Does anyone ever wonder if we pay to much for our infrastructure? From potholes to bridges, I think we are getting stuffed, Thus our tax pound isn’t being stretched far enough

See this

 L405 "design faults"?

Post1st Jan 2019 3:38pm
Forum: Technical (L405) · Replies: 41 · Views: 1750 · Subject: L405 "design faults"?
There were a few ideas here

Did I mention several times before the need for a larger fuel tank!
 Ad Blu

Post1st Jan 2019 3:24pm
Forum: Technical (L405) · Replies: 10 · Views: 489 · Subject: Ad Blu
No need for ignition to be on
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